The Development of Felicity Solar
Felicity Solar wae founded in 2007 in Guangzhou. One year later, we had our own factory and start manufacturing.
To expand our market, we have started manufaturing battery, solar street light and solar charge controller, solar inverter since 2009. We had 3 shops and 22 salesman.
Having mastered the components of the solar system, we decided to sell the entire solar system. In 2013, Felicity Solar, which was only seven years old, achieved $500,000 in sales.
In order to provide better service directly. We've set up our first overseas branch in Nigeria
We expanded rapidly and established our branch offices in many countries in Africa. Mali, Congo, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Kenya branches were set up.
Felicity Solar established Senegalase, Dubai, Uganfa, Cote d'lvoire, Panama, Lebanon branches. We've achieved 400 million sales performance.
Felicity Solar expands its branches around world. South Africa, Chad, Syria, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Philippines, Netherlands, Germany branches were set up this year.
Thailand branch is established. We are going to move to a new office which covered over 70 acre places. More exciting things are ready to be found......