What's FSolar?
FSolar is a new energy system intelligent monitoring and management platform. It can help monitor equipment data and offer localised after-sales maintenance. We provide both WEB and APP ways, no matter where you are, you can view the details of your solar system in real time. FSolar also has convenient equipment management functions, allowing users to easily debug and optimize performance of  inverter, thus achieving higher power generation efficiency.
Could be used for household energy storage and residential and commercial energy storage
Matching Products
Solar Inverter、Solar Batteries、Solar street lights、Charging Plies which support WiFi Module
Collecting Environment
Collecting Support: WiFi ; Collecting Interval: 10 muntues; Collecting Ways: WiFi、2G、4G
Client Environment
Minimum mobile Version: Android 5.0、 iOS 11.0; Minimum Browser Versions: IE 10、Chrome 60、 Safari 8、Firefox 60; Browser Resolution: 1450*768 1920*1080 (Recommended)
Door-to-Door After-sales Service
As a company focused on customer satisfaction, Felicity Solar are always committed to providing high quality products and excellent after-sales service. Door-to-Door maintenance service is a value-added service that we carefully create for customers. Through the FSolar website or app, you can easily submit your door-to-door service needs and find our technicians when you need technical support.
Download/Log in
Click the button below to begin your solar monitoring life, or search the website: https://shine.felicitysolar.com/Login. You can also search FSOLAR on your app store.