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How to Choose Solar System

By Felicity Solar September 25th, 2023 136 reviews
How to Choose Solar System

It is not easy to Choose the best off-grid solar system,we highlight some key point which must be taken into account,we also will discuss all accessories of solar system in this article.We also discuss how to building a reliable off-grid system. Finally, we will talk about how to choose solar choose solar system based on your situation.

There are 4 accessories on off grid solar system


1.Solar inverter

2.Solar charge controllers

3.Battery bank

4.Solar panels


Solar Inverter


In off-grid systems, the inverter the heart and brains of the system, its main job is to supply ‘pure sine wave’ AC power, and it must be able to meet the power requirements of the appliances under all conditions, it can change DC(battery ) to AC.

There are two different inverter in off grid solar system, including low frequency inverter and hybrid inverter, people should be choose inverter based on own situation


Solar Controller

The primary job of solar controller is charging battery from sunshine power, there are lot of protection function on controller, included short circuit protection, over charge production, over-temperature protection and so on.



THere are two options for energy store in solar system, included gel battery and lithium battery.


1.Advantages of Gel battery

Compatibility with most inverters.

Proven and trusted technology.

Safe, very low risk (sealed Gel/AGM).

Battery will not cutout at low SOC or low voltage

Long life (if not over discharged)

Easily recycled.


Advantage of lithium battery

Very high efficiency - Approx 97%

Very high energy density - Light weight and compact

High charge and discharge rates allowed

No degradation with partial state of charge

Modular and scalable systems

Safe and low risk (if charged correctly)


People could choose battery based budget and demand.


Solar panels

Solar pane is an indispensable part of solar system, the function of solar panel to convert DC current from sunshine.

There are to different panel in this market now, including MONO panel and POLY panel. The difference between two kind of panel is efficiency. Efficiency of MONO panel will be better than POLY panel.


How to choose solar system?

Actaully, lot of people dont know to choose solar system, because there are lot of different power solar system in this market. Consumers are confused about that. For now,  we discuss how to choose solar system based on your situation.

You could make a list that show your main appliance in your house, then full in this list with power of appliance, quantity,work time

1.Confirm power of your all appliance.

Calculate total power of your appliance, then you could confirm which power of inverter you need.

2.Confirm electricity of your house

Check your electricity bill of every moth, and we took the average from it for electricity consumption. Then we can confirm how many pcs of panel and battery you need.


If you are really want to install a solar system in your house, just leave us a message, we will glad to help you to finish a perfect and cost effective solar system. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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