Two Days Tourism For Felicitysolar Team 2020-07-31

Lianzhou Underground River

Lianzhou underground river national 5A scenic area, after 250 million years of formation of underground wonders; it is divided into three layers of tourism, an area of 53000 square meters. Visitors first visit the land layer, Its stalactites have different shapes and changes, including the smiling Maitreya Buddha, the solemn and solemn "Guan Gong", the "Meng Jiangnu" who cried down the Great Wall, and the "ancient fort" surrounded by smoke. Other things such as flowers, birds, insects, fish, animals in the forest, melon, fruit and pearl jade, etc. After visiting the upper two layers of land, visitors can see a hidden River extending to the depth of the cave, mysterious and attractive. By boat tour, you can see that the river course is winding and winding, sometimes open and spectacular; sometimes it is narrow, with only 1.6 meters at the narrowest point. The bell and breast are hanging and within reach,It is very exciting. Along the way, there are three canyons: "banana gorge", "Lianhua gorge" and "Longmen gorge". The stalactites on both sides of the road are in various shapes, such as immortals and Buddhas. It's really a visit to the stone carving park.

Happy Memories

Life is very long, but the good times are always short. Maybe we are just beginning to be excited by the arrival of the good time, but before we have a good time, it is about to end. As a result, we can only look forward to the arrival of the next time.

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