Solar Lead Acid solar gel Battery Charge mppt Type controller 80A

80A MPPT Off Grid controller ( Maximum power point tracking ), 12/24/48 auto adjustment,used for smart home system
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Charge Controller Mppt with 99% High Efficiency


Thank you for selecting this solar charge controller. This solar charge controller is an advanced solar charger with maximum power point tracking. Applying intelligent MPPT algorithm, it allows solar charge controller to extract maximum power from solar arrays by finding the maximum power point of the array.
The MPPT battery charging process has been optimized for long battery life and improved system performance. Self-diagnostics and electronic error protections prevent damage when installation errors or system faults occur. This charger also features multifunctional LCD with communication ports for remote battery temperature and voltage measurement.

Data Sheet

Model SCCM8048
Maximum Solar input Voltage 145V
Nominal System Voltage 12,24,48VDC(Auto detection)
Maximum Battery Current 45A
DC Array MPPT Volage Range 12VDC/24VDC/48VDC
PV Array MPPT Volage Range 15-115VDC/30-115VDC-60-115VDC
Maxinmum input Power 12Volt-1100Watts
Charging Algorithm 3-Step
Charging stages Bulk,Absorption,Float Bulk,Absorption,Float
Temperature compensation coefficient -5mV/℃/cell(25℃ref.) -5mV/℃/cell(25℃ref.)
Temperature compensation range 0℃ to +50℃ 0℃ to +50℃
Temperature compensated set points Absorption,Float Absorption,Float
Charging Set points Absorption Stage Absorption Stage Float Stage
Flooded Battery 14.6V/29.2V/58.4V 14.6V/29.2V/58.4V 13.5V/27V/54V
ARG/Gel Battery(Default) 14.1V/28.2V/56.4V 14.1V/28.2V/56.4V 13.5V/27V/54V
Overcharge voltage 15V/30V/60V 15V/30V/60V
Overcharge restart voltage 14.5V/29V/58V 14.5V/29V/58V
Battery discharge voltage 8.5V/17V/34V 8.5V/17V/34V
Battery overdischarge voltage 9V/18V/36V 9V/18V/36V
Product size(H*W*D,mm) 283*180*105mm
Product weight(Kg) 5.1kg
Ambient Temperature Range 0℃ to +55℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to 75℃
Humidity 0%-90%RH(No condensing)
Enclosure IP31(indoor&vented)

High Efficiency 98% Solar PV Off Grid Charger12v 24v 48V Auto adjusted Solar Tracking Charge Controller mppt 80A With Lcd ScreenMPPT Charge Controller For Solar Sytem


Q: What's the difference of the PWM charge controller and MPPT charge controller?

A: 1. MPPT controller uses maximum power tracking technology, compared to the PWM controller, the MPPT can generate more electricity with the same solar panels.

2. MPPT controller has low requirement of solar power system voltage, if the line or component parts damage the voltage, using MPPT controller does not affect the system generating.

Q: Why should the controller have temperature compensation function?

A: As temperature rises, electrochemical activity in the battery increases. Similarly, as temperature falls, electrochemical

activity decreases. Therefore, as temperature rises, charging voltage should be reduced to prevent overcharge, as temperature falls, charging voltage should be increase to avoid undercharge. In general, to assure optimum service life, use of a temperature compensated charger is recommended.

Q: How does your factory carry out quality control?

A: Quality is our priority. Our QC always attached great importance to quality control from the very beginning to the end of the production. Each product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before packed.

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