• Full Loading Production Line of Felicitysolar
    May 12,2020. Full Loading Production Line of Felicitysolar
    In May, 2020. Felicitysolar ushered in a new wave of production and procurement season. In the process of full load production of various products, such as the Solar panels/ lithium batteries/ Inverters/ Controllers and the All in one solar street lights, etc. The following is the corner of the product line.
  • Belgium International Solar Energy Exhibition (InterSolution) in 2023
    2023-01-25 Belgium International Solar Energy Exhibition (InterSolution) in 2023
    Felicitysolar participated in the Belgian International Solar Energy Exhibition (InterSolution) on January 25, 2023. This means that Felicitysolar is stepping into the European market, continuously improving the influence of the Felicitysolar brand in Europe, looking for more partners, and becoming a green environmental protection person. At the exhibition, we showed lithium batteries (EC series 5KW/10KW), Hybrid inverters (mainly 5KW-10KW, IVGM series-600V high-voltage inverters and 48V low-voltage inverters) to dealers and engineering companies from all over the world. ), solar panels (monocrystalline silicon 400W/450W/540W half-chip), system support and WIFI module intelligent monitoring; It has received enthusiastic feedback from customers, who strongly request us to expand the European local service team (we have set up a branch in the Netherlands) to provide them with product training and technical guidance. This is not the first time we have participated in an exhibition in the European market, but it is a historic exhibition, and it is also a good start for Felicitysolar to enter the European market in 2023! Thanks to Worthy Wang, the leader of our European team! Thanks to every customer of Felicitysolar!
  • Felicitysolar Announces Construction of 3rd Plant
    Jun 30,2022. Felicitysolar Announces Construction of 3rd Plant
    Felicitysolar Announces Construction of 3rd Plant,Doubles Current Capacity Guangzhou Felicitysolar Technology Co., Ltd will be located near Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China. The new factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters. The basic personnel and equipment have been arranged and the production line is operating normally. At present, the overall production capacity is 10,000 units of energy storage batteries, 20,000 units of inverters, 10,000 units of controllers, 15,000 units of street lamps, and 8,700 units of gel batteries. In doing so, the company hopes to not only benefit as efficiently as possible from the forecast growth of the renewable energy industry (including photovoltaics such as Energy Storage Lithium Batteries, Photovoltaic Inverters, Solar charge controllers, Solar Panels and Gel Battery), but also Contribute to product design and development of new projects. It aims to manufacture systems mainly used in the fields of home energy storage systems and large-scale photovoltaic power plants. This will create more than 100 new jobs. "We will have more than 100 branches around the world in the future, allowing us to play a key role in the growth of renewable energy globally," said CEO Soki. “Building this new factory will help us protect our supply chain and continuously upgrade our products. Staying true to the company’s purpose: Felicitysolar make life full of hope. This will allow us to strengthen our reputation for excellence as a brand and to strengthen our presence in Africa and the Middle East. core markets, expanding operations in Europe and South America. In addition, this expansion increases our flexibility. We can further increase capacity at any time while minimizing risk, dependencies and costs.” With the rapid development of Felicitysolar, the establishment of new factories and the introduction of high-end technical talents have resulted in the continuous doubling of Felicitysolar's sales, the continuous iterative upgrade of its products, the acquisition of a number of R&D certificates, and the availability of CE, UN38.3, MSDS and other products Certificate to sell the brand to all regions of the world. About Felicitysolar As the world's leading technical expert in photovoltaic and storage systems, Felicitysolar is developing new plans for the future of renewable energy. Felicitysolar's product portfolio includes a wide range of high-efficiency photovoltaic and battery inverters, total system solutions for photovoltaic and battery storage systems of all power classes, smart energy management systems, street lighting engineering and more.
  • Felicitysolar company collective staff sightseeing Qingyuan scenery in Guangdong
    2021-11-15 Felicitysolar company collective staff sightseeing Qingyuan scenery in Guangdong
    The first location: Xinyinzhan Hot Spring, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province There are more than 80 hot spring pools with various functions in Xinyinzhan Hot Spring, and the hot spring water is collected from the surface depth of more than 180 meters. In the open-air hot spring area, there is a special hot spring pool with a variety of Chinese dishes. Such as the aromatherapy pool that fragrant one person, soothe the nerves and refresh the mind; the milk pool that lubricates the fat and white skin; the ginseng pool that nourishes vitality and calms the mind, the rice wine pool, the angelica pool, and the honeysuckle pool. The natural hot spring water and the artificially prepared special medicinal materials can achieve the effect of health care, beauty and physical fitness. The Second location: Group BBQ Whether it's inviting three or five friends to experience the fun of charcoal grilling outdoors, or having a BBQ party on your own balcony, grilling skewers in the oven, paired with our Felicitysolar solar-powered products, it's the perfect holiday activity. In order for everyone to easily prepare for barbecue activities, employees have specially planned their own outdoor barbecue theme, allowing employees to easily choose tools and ingredients. There are also a variety of delicious barbecue seasoning and marinating methods, so it's delicious~ The Third location: Sea Sightseeing A cool breeze blew, and on the water surface, there were layers of waves, and layers of waves appeared. Ripples also swayed in my heart. At that time, I admired and loved water, and loved and envied water. Water is also essential in our life, it is the most precious and the best friend we cherish.
  • Two Days Tourism For Felicitysolar Team
    2020-07-31 Two Days Tourism For Felicitysolar Team
    Lianzhou Underground River Lianzhou underground river national 5A scenic area, after 250 million years of formation of underground wonders; it is divided into three layers of tourism, an area of 53000 square meters. Visitors first visit the land layer, Its stalactites have different shapes and changes, including the smiling Maitreya Buddha, the solemn and solemn "Guan Gong", the "Meng Jiangnu" who cried down the Great Wall, and the "ancient fort" surrounded by smoke. Other things such as flowers, birds, insects, fish, animals in the forest, melon, fruit and pearl jade, etc. After visiting the upper two layers of land, visitors can see a hidden River extending to the depth of the cave, mysterious and attractive. By boat tour, you can see that the river course is winding and winding, sometimes open and spectacular; sometimes it is narrow, with only 1.6 meters at the narrowest point. The bell and breast are hanging and within reach,It is very exciting. Along the way, there are three canyons: "banana gorge", "Lianhua gorge" and "Longmen gorge". The stalactites on both sides of the road are in various shapes, such as immortals and Buddhas. It's really a visit to the stone carving park. Happy Memories Life is very long, but the good times are always short. Maybe we are just beginning to be excited by the arrival of the good time, but before we have a good time, it is about to end. As a result, we can only look forward to the arrival of the next time.
  • Assemble Talent, Agglomerate Mental Efforts- The first Felicitysolar champion cup come to a close
    2020-07-22 Assemble Talent, Agglomerate Mental Efforts- The first Felicitysolar champion cup come to a close
    The first Felicitysolar champion cup basketball come to close successfully,  Sale department win this game with  final score 100:99. This basketball game is an event sponsored by Felicitysolar Inc. Basketball play is from different department in Felicitysolar, included sale department,product department,technology department and so on.  Basketball match stirs the emotions all over the globe, brings people from contrasting cultures together, and promotes solid virtues such as fairness, team spirit and tolerance. In the future, Felciitysolar will also organize a series of recreational and sports activities to enrich employees' recreational and sports activities and promote the construction of corporate culture.
  • Felicitysolar is taking part in 127th Canton Fair online
    2020-07-06 Felicitysolar is taking part in 127th Canton Fair online
    Felicitysolar are taking part in 127th canton fair online, which is being held between June 15th to 24th.  Canton Fair is the most well known import and export fair in china. Canton fair move to online fair because of serious COVID-19 situation all over the world. Innovation is key point to reconnect with customer,  it is great chance to show our product to customer in this special period. Felicitysolar launched cross border business to contribute to global battle against COVID-19 situation. During this canton fair, We launched new product, LBPT24250 5KW and LBPT 48250 10KW lithium battery system with BMS. It is over 3000 cycle time at 0.9DOD. More powerful and longer lifespan. An effective solution to Energy Storage. We also use of 3D and virtual reality technologies to show our factory. If you are interest in our product, please search Felicitysolar on Canton fair website.
  • FelicitySolar 100KW off grid energy solutions in Guangzhou factory
    2020-05-23 FelicitySolar 100KW off grid energy solutions in Guangzhou factory
    Flicitysolar Solar Limited, a leading solar energy solution supplier in china,announced today that it has build 100KW off grid solar system on head office in Guangzhou. Felicitysolar will use self-developed products to bulid this power system, included 100kw monocrystalline modules, 400kwhLithium battery management system, 100kw off grid tie solar system and so on. This Solar energy is powered by 144 unit monocrystalline modules(connected with 18S8P). 400WH lithium battery Bank offers high performance for system,its stable and high power density and efficiency ensure maximum solar energy storage when withstanding hard environmental conditions. 100KW off grid Felicitysolar hybrid inverter ensure all the huge power appliance work order. Kevin, general manager of felicitysolar make a conclusion:“This 100kw solar system is the first solar energy station in Guangzhou,we play a important role in china energy transition . Our company hope to build more energy system, it our honor to be develop solar project in our fatcory, we think we will bulid more solar energy system worldwide. ” Once Power system is operational, it will produce clean new power energy to cover over whole factory power consumption. 100kw solar sytem is in processing, which will be finished befoe at the end of July, 2020.
  •  Felicitysolar leads the era of 10KWH output with its shipment of world’s first Lifepo4
    2020-05-20 Felicitysolar leads the era of 10KWH output with its shipment of world’s first Lifepo4
    Felicitysolar Co., Ltd. Today announced that The aging test for 2000 pcs new stock of lithium battery LBPT 24200/ LBPT 48200 is finished recently. These lithium batteries has fabricated by standard manufacturing equipment, which confirmed by UN38.3 certified calibration laboratory for such an industrial lithium battery. “Progress in Lifepo4 lithium battery manufacturing is continuing to be very fast in the whole soalr industry", said Dr. Coin Yu ,the head Quality control department manager of Felicitysolar, "and we are glad to announce that our R&D team is at the forefront, we devote to fabricate such champion lithium battery, Lifepo4 battery to many test on factory before it is sent to our client, to make sure everybattery can work 3000times cycle on 0.9 DOD.” The Lifepo4 lithium battery is designed for household photovoltaic systems, which is built-in BMS monitors its operation and prevents the battery from operating outside design limitations. This battery pack can be easily expanded by adding expansion battery packs in parallel connection.The cell was calibrated at BALUN Technology and Beijing DGM. Felicitysolar’s head technology department manager said : “Our customers worldwide have shown a strong interest in lithium battery, which are not only suitable for commercial and industrial solar system . We plan to continue shipping more our lithium battery pack to clients from all over the world . we believe the era of lithium battery power output is here, and the high-efficiency and high-power lithium battery are playing a important role in the industry.”

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