• FSOLAR Smart Energy Monitoring System
    May 12,2023. FSOLAR Smart Energy Monitoring System
    FSOLAR Smart Energy Monitoring System (FSOLAR for short) is a new energy system intelligent monitoring and management platform independently developed by the IOT technical team of Felicity Solar. The system covers a series of products such as inverter, solar battery, charging pile, solar street light data monitoring, equipment management and other functions. FSOLAR can help dealers and individual users to monitor their own equipment data and equipment management, as well as after-sales maintenance when using Felicity Solar products. You can log in through a browser or an app. You can view the inverter details in real time no matter where you are. In addition, the system also has convenient equipment management function, so that users can easily debug and optimize the performance of the inverter, so as to achieve higher power generation efficiency. FSOLAR was developed to help you better manage and maintain your own photovoltaic power system. It can help you improve the efficiency of power generation, reduce costs, and extend the life of inverters. FSOLAR will play an increasingly important role in the future development. Six Functions: 1、Monitor the power station anytime, anywhere, and control the power station information under overall situation. 2、Accurate message pushing, multi-channel real-time reception 3、Intelligent alarms for power stations, full life cycle tracking and processing. 4、Support warranty extended online, uninterrupted coverage service. 5、Sipport long-range parameter control & setting, providing flexible and efficient operation and maintenance. 6、Large data visualization screen, all-round help enterprise brand promotion. Matching Products: Solar Inverter、Solar Batteries、Solar street lights、Charging Plies which support WiFi Module Language: Chinese、English、German Operation Manual: Log in to the system and view the information in the upper right corner Enjoy Intelligent Solar Life, Use FSOLAR Smart Energy Monitoring System
  • FSOLAR Login
    May 9,2023. FSOLAR Login
    FSOLAR is an app with the main purpose of photovoltaic data monitoring. It provides users with real-time monitoring, power ststion management, equipment management, remote control, intellgent alarm and other functions, so that users can realize the information managementof photobaltaic power station. Click the photo below to begin your solar monitoring life, or search the website: https://shine.felicitysolar.com/Login You can also download an FSOLAR app for more convinent monitoring:

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