Felicitysolar company collective staff sightseeing Qingyuan scenery in Guangdong 2021-11-15

The first location: Xinyinzhan Hot Spring, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province

There are more than 80 hot spring pools with various functions in Xinyinzhan Hot Spring, and the hot spring water is collected from the surface depth of more than 180 meters. In the open-air hot spring area, there is a special hot spring pool with a variety of Chinese dishes. Such as the aromatherapy pool that fragrant one person, soothe the nerves and refresh the mind; the milk pool that lubricates the fat and white skin; the ginseng pool that nourishes vitality and calms the mind, the rice wine pool, the angelica pool, and the honeysuckle pool. The natural hot spring water and the artificially prepared special medicinal materials can achieve the effect of health care, beauty and physical fitness.

The Second location: Group BBQ
Whether it's inviting three or five friends to experience the fun of charcoal grilling outdoors, or having a BBQ party on your own balcony, grilling skewers in the oven, paired with our Felicitysolar solar-powered products, it's the perfect holiday activity. In order for everyone to easily prepare for barbecue activities, employees have specially planned their own outdoor barbecue theme, allowing employees to easily choose tools and ingredients. There are also a variety of delicious barbecue seasoning and marinating methods, so it's delicious~

The Third location: Sea Sightseeing

A cool breeze blew, and on the water surface, there were layers of waves, and layers of waves appeared. Ripples also swayed in my heart. At that time, I admired and loved water, and loved and envied water. Water is also essential in our life, it is the most precious and the best friend we cherish.

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