FelicitySolar 100KW off grid energy solutions in Guangzhou factory 2020-05-23

Flicitysolar Solar Limited, a leading solar energy solution supplier in china,announced today that it has build 100KW off grid solar system on head office in Guangzhou. Felicitysolar will use self-developed products to bulid this power system, included 100kw monocrystalline modules, 400kwhLithium battery management system, 100kw off grid tie solar system and so on.

This Solar energy is powered by 144 unit monocrystalline modules(connected with 18S8P). 400WH lithium battery Bank offers high performance for system,its stable and high power density and efficiency ensure maximum solar energy storage when withstanding hard environmental conditions. 100KW off grid Felicitysolar hybrid inverter ensure all the huge power appliance work order.

Kevin, general manager of felicitysolar make a conclusion:“This 100kw solar system is the first solar energy station in Guangzhou,we play a important role in china energy transition . Our company hope to build more energy system, it our honor to be develop solar project in our fatcory, we think we will bulid more solar energy system worldwide. ”

Once Power system is operational, it will produce clean new power energy to cover over whole factory power consumption. 100kw solar sytem is in processing, which will be finished befoe at the end of July, 2020.

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