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The Felicitysolar's April PK contest was perfect ending

The Felicitysolar's April PK contest was perfect ending yesterday.
Now let us welcome the performance champion Kira who was the first to bear the brunt.

The following winner is Candy who followed behind Kira over a million targets.

The other two prizewinner is Roy and Abby who finished their targets in the PK contest.


Here's four points that we can learned from this PK competition, and it can help you to be a better salesman.
First of all, we need to learn to understand the customer's temperament. Just as the saying goes "be a friend, then do business" which probably means that we ought to communicate with our customers as family and friends, knowing their habits, which contributes to better development of the follow-up work.

Secondly, regularly track visitors, communicating with clients, making customers to feel that we are a reliable person.
Thirdly, it is a long process to be a sales. So digital is just a rendering performance. Only pay a lot and suffering numerous setbacks, our heart become stronger,which is the best achievement.
Finally,  We need to adjust our mentality and move on when we feel lost.
A good beginning is half done. I hope that we can break through ourselves in the future, to achieve better performance. Come on.