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Felicity Solar Launched High Frequency Solar Inverter

Recently, Guangzhou Felicity Solar Technology Co., Ltd. announced that the high frequency has officially launched in the market.This model is pure sine wave, high frequency inverter, which bulit-in PWM or MPPT controller.
The key features is :
1,Auto restart while AC is recovering
2,Overload &short circuit protection
3,Selectable Charging current
4,Electricity/ Solar input priority setting
5,parallel operation with up to 6 units .(only available for 4kva 5kva )
6,Max Charging current
7,Selectable input voltage range

high frequency solar inverter

The Difference Between High Frequency Inverter And Frequency Inverter?
Compared with the high frequency inverter, the frequency inverter is characterized by:
1, In small power, the cost is higher than the high frequency machine.
2, Weight and volume are much larger than the same power of the high frequency machine.
3, Efficiency than high-frequency confidential is a bit lower, under the full load and light load operation iron loss basically unchanged, thus the light load running in no-load loss is relatively large.
4, High frequency high reliability than the confidential not too bad.
5, With load ability, especially the ability to impact load, better than high-frequency confidential, and to suppress the waveform of the high-order harmonic components.
6, High frequency inverter output voltage stability is better than the frequency inverter.