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Felicitysolar 50w solar led street light in Iquique Chile

The product specification download
Felicity Solar successfully completed 50w solar led street light in Iquique Chile.
Here is the Specifications of the 50w solar led street light system:
2pcs*150W Solar Panel
1 piece 150AH 12v Battery
1 piece 20Ah Controller

The solar Led street light of Felicitysolar is the sturdy solution for providing night lighting of village marketplaces, roads and crossings in all cases of no access to the grid electricity. The system charges the battery during the day and illuminate at night. Due to the use of LED technology, is able to maximize all the solar energy and illuminate the environment with radiant light.


1. High-quality LED light source,good performance illumination,high stability
2. High strength cast illumination body,electrostatic spray anti aging treatment has a high strength
3. Lamps has good heat dissipation,low surface temperature,sage,good protection, user-friendly design
4. Convenient to install and maintain simple,suitable for a variety of needs
5. 80W / 130W POLY solar panels (High efficiency, charge battery faster).
6. The sealed solar battery is totally maintenance-free and ensures a high energy storage capacity.