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Felicitysolar 5KVA Solar System Installed in Ghana

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Felicitysolar successfully completed home use 5KVA solar power system in Ghana.


5kva complete set solar power system


5kva solar power system complete set


Get a complete 5kva reliable solar power system for your business and homes for increase productivity and a peace of mind. 


It consists of :

1, A 5kva/48v pure sine wave inverter. 

2, 4 pieces of 200ah/12v deep cycle gel solar batteries. 

3, 4 pieces of 250w /30v poly solar panels. 

4, 48v/60amps mppt solar charge controller. 

5, Battery Box. 


If you already have a budget we can work something out together. Get your solar power system today and enjoy the comfort of using reliable and stable renewable energy. Call us right now! +86-20-83494177