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5kva 3kw solar system for home use

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5KVA Solar Power System for Home
Felicity successfully completed 5KVA solar power system for home.
Solar panel:12pcs Poly 250W/30v
Solar battery:4PCS Gel 200AH/12V
Controller:1pc MPPT 60A 48V
Solar Inverter:1pc 48V-220V/5000VA 50-60HZ
Battery box:1pc

3kw home solar power system

How much power does 3kw solar power system generate?
On average, a 3kw solar system generates 13.2 units a day. This equates to around two thirds of the electricity used in a modest Aussie household. However, remember the more power you use, the less you’ll save on your electricity bills. If your household uses a lot of power, a larger system might be more appropriate.
It’s also worth noting the amount of power your 3kW system generates depends on two key factors – your system’s positioning and your location. Some locations receive consistently more sun than others, and you’ll generate more power in summer than in winter. But don’t worry – regardless of your location, our installers will position your system to ensure it receives the most direct sunlight possible, all year round.
And it goes without saying higher quality systems produce better results. By purchasing the highest quality panels and inverters you can afford, you're setting yourself up for a greater return on your investment.