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1300 Sets Street Light Project in Lokoja

The product specification download
Felicity Solar successfully completed 1300 sets street light project installated in Lokoja, Kogi State.

Felicity Solar has released a range of solar street lights according to the need of market and customers.


Product Features

● Reasonable structure, attractive appearance, heat resistance, good sealing performance
● High luminous efficiency, visual fidelity without blinking, without any harm to eyes and skin, safe to use.
● Applied the new LED light source and equipped with a specially designed light distribution system.50,000 hours of continuous use with a long service life of more than 10 years without changing source.
● Saving 70% more than high-pressure sodium street lights under the same illumination
● Easy and flexible to install.
● Energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and high stability. LED is friendly to the environment, which can help to achieve eco-lighting purpose.

Suitable Scope
DC street light:(12/24V):Mainly used in solar supporting road lighting, solar-wind hybrid street lighting and other lighting places.