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Product name:100w solar led flood light
Product model:FL-A8-100W

Outdoor ip65 rechargeable SMD 100 watt led flood light made in China

The product specification download
Product Description

 Outdoor ip65 rechargeable SMD 100 watt led flood light made in China


Model FL-A8-30W  FL-A8-50W  FL-A8-100W 
Power 30W 50W 100W
Solar Panel 10W 25W 35W
Battery 3.2V-12AH LifePO4 battery 3.2V-25AH LifePO4 battery 3.2V-40AH LifePO4 battery
LED QTY 60 Pcs 96Pcs 200Pcs
LUMENS 2100lm-2400lm 3500lm-4000lm 7000lm-8000lm
Chip Jingyuan/bridgelux
Working Mode Switch /remote control/light control
Color Temp. 3000k-6500k
CRI Ra≥75
Light Control Voltage  1V
Remote Control Distance 5-8m,Line length five meters
Charge Time(full sunlight) 6-8h
Working temp. -30℃-60℃
Lifetime ≥50000h
Certificate CE,ROHS



>>Configration specification
1. Light source: 30W 2. LED QTY: 60 pcs 3. Solar panel: 10W 4. LifePO4 battery: 12AH 3.2V 5. Waterproofing grade: IP66 6. Remote control : Light control / Time control Number of hours / Connect WIFI.


>>Main Advantages

  • Integrated Design----Integrated solar panel, microcomputer controller, battery, LED light.
  • Patent Out looking----Beautiful and modern appearance, simple and stylish.
  • Humanized Design----Built in sensing technology Ⅲ, microwave radar induction, light control,timing, microwave,timing & microwave,demonstration and shutdown, six working modes,remote one-button control, convenient to use.
  • Intelligent Design----Built in microcomputer control system,it can control charging, discharging and working modes intelligently, and makes the whole system to run more efficient and saving energy.
  •  Green Design----Using solar radiation for energy, inexhaustible, saving electricity.LifePO4 battery to replace traditional gel battery, longer lifetime,and don't contain harmful substances. LED light does not contain ultraviolet light and infrared, no radiation, protect body health.
  • Modular design----All components are modular design and standardized production.
  • Patent design----Beautiful and modern appearance


Note:Before using light control and remote control function, we must insert and screw the solar panel cables connector to the light side port, and press the switch.