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Recruitment Information

    Sales Manager
  Number :5
  Location: National Wide
  Recruitment by Sales Department
  Delivery mail: jevon@felicitysolar.com.cn
  1, Male or female.
  2, Above college education.
  3, 2 years sales experience.
  4, Certain understanding about photovoltaic industry .
  5, Good spoken English and basic computer skills.
  6, Proficient communication with customers, strong sense of customer service.
  7, Basic knowledge of laws and regulations,no bad records.
  8, Positive and responsible.
  Job Description:
  (1) Finish daily work and handle problems independently.
  (2) Customer relationship management, accomplish sales target.
  (3) Identify customer's potential needs, introduce our advantages and features.
  (4) Provide professional advice for customers.
  (5) Collect potential buyers' information.
  We stress on concepts innovation, system innovation,devote ourselves to provide a "Fair, just and open" atmosphere.
  Great Cause makes great man.We are engaged in one of the greatest cause in the world.Choose us means choose teamwork with world-class scientists and step toward globalization.
  In the future days, you will be felicity's proud.