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Agency Support

Management Support Systems
1, sales consultant training and operational management practices
2, staff management guide
3, job responsibilities and assessment guidelines
4, customer records management practices
5, network construction and management

Promoting market support
1, Our marketing elite team will hurry to the front, fighting together with the dealer, co-marketing, co-check terminal display, collaborative market information collection, to assist the construction of the terminal vivid.
2, Insisting on innovation to promote the quick and good development of solar industry and make it become stronger and larger in long-term. Adopt the "teaching him how to fish" plan for the dealers to establish the most effectiveness sales team to support the sustainable development .
3, Assist the project development, the company sent engineering experts, to provide full support for program design, bidding, installation
4, provide strong and thorough strategic marketing programs and promotions.

Dealer capacity building support
1, Establish a worldwide service network. Provide professional and thoughtful service for you, so that you have no worries. To hold on the local market, long-term systematic training are required for the dealers.
2, Professional marketing, the ability of modern brand management and other marketing ideas to enhance guidance.
3, Enhance thinking skills guidance for the market system operation.
4, Improve the store employees, staff's management guidance.
5, Promote the independently ability to solve the problem.

Service Support
1, Green service channel for customers / partners to provide timely, efficient, attentive service and timely solutions to dealers from economic worry.
2, we will change your products for quality problem within five working days.