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Agency Policy

Agents Requirement

1、For those who are interested in solar business, and willing to enter this market.
2、According to the different population of each country, from 50000 to 500000 USD purchasing budget is required for the first order.
3、Over 200 M2 room of warehouse and 100 M2 of showroom.
4、A good sense of customer service.
5、Availability of logistics, especially those with good cooperation logistics companies.
6、Acceptance of guidance from corporate Principal.

Agent Process 

1、Fill the agent application form.
2、Principalreviews the application.
3、Potential agent comes to China for visit and pay US 10000 for intention contract.
4、Representative will be sent to the regional place for an on-the-spot inspection.
5、If inspection meets the agent requirement, formal contract will be signed locally. If not, inspection fee will be deducted from the payment of intention contract and the rest will be returned.
6、The contract will take effect after the first full cargo order is delivered.

(Attached please find the Agent Application Form and Sales Agency Agreement.)