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Market Research

      2010 global market and the distribution of origin
  ·Market growth rate in next 2 years :30%-40%

  ·The most optimistic forecast so far: 2011 capacity up to 25GW, 2012 up to 35GW (Photon Consulting).

  ·German market still can not be ignored.

  ·United States, Italy, Canada, Japan, France and China will become the main markets.

  ·Spanish market were retired. Czech market will have stable development after 2011.

  ·Latin America, Southeast Asia market will develop at high rate.

  Domestic market situation
   Small base, fast growth.

  Main driving forces:
  ·Golden Sun Program: subsidizing 50-70% of the cost of solar systems.

  ·The on-grid price in Jiangsu, Zhejiang,Shandong Provice,etc.

  ·Major projects bidding from Energy Bureau . 2010, 280MW, 2011, 500MW.

  ·The investments in western provinces.

  ·State-owned Enterprises' new energy expansion strategy

  PV bottleneck analysis
  ·Heavy investment in fixed assets

  ·High raw material costs

  ·Low photoelectric conversion efficiency

  ·High energy consumption during transmission

  ·Low Storage Capacity。

  Photovoltaic generation constraints
  ·Technical factors: shortage of technology toward system energy.

  ·Policy factors: regulations detail & financing mechanisms

  ·Economic factors: technology cost & payback period.